Contrecoup is a Marketing, Advertising and PR agency that serves B2B and manufacturing clients. Our goal is to find more satisfied customers for your business. Call us today!

Contrecoup Creative is recognized for award winning email programs

In the news...Contrecoup has received a 2011 All-Star Award from Constant Contact for programs with consistently high open rates (greater than 25%), click through rates, and low bounce rates.
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Our services are used by industrial and B2B marketers who seek to:

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The Contrecoup Creative Value Proposition

For businesses that need sales growth, our sales and marketing consulting services provide data-driven methods to convert more business for less money. We align sales and marketing with campaigns that increase reach to individuals who make or influence purchasing decisions. Contrecoup will improve your sales and marketing metrics.

A Process-Focused Marketing Agency

Contrecoup seeks to grow sales and to create satisfied customers for your B2B or manufacturing business. In today's environment, lower-cost lead generation can be part of a broader social and connected marketing strategy that seeks relevance, preference and experience. Contrecoup is a process-focused marketing consulting agency that strikes a balance between traditional "outbound" and newer "inbound" marketing approaches.

Contrecoup and Your Business

We would like to learn if and how we can help your business sales growth. Let's discuss

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    Learn more about our Inbound Marketing AgencyB2B marketing for manufacturers has changed - particularly those with two- and three step distribution. Click on the link to the right to learn more about Inbound Marketing and Contrecoup Creative - a Marketing Agency for industrial B2B and manufacturing!