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Is Your Small Business Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Expert?

Starting out, entrepreneurs have many things to worry about and try to wear as many hats as possible. As your business grows in scale, the inevitable “letting go” must begin so that you can focus on growth. You’ve been a “do-it-yourself” person for so long, it may seem counter-intuitive to…

Marketing Toolkit: Facebook Advertising

If your business has a Facebook business page, you have likely seen Facebook’s “Boost Post” and “Promote Page” calls-to-action. Instead of boosting a post or promoting your page directly from the timeline, you can harness the true power of Facebook advertising by taking a detour into Facebook’s Ads Manager instead….

Marketing Toolkit: Social Media Metrics

As publishers lament their traditional media audiences’ transition to online advertising, B2B marketing pros need to focus on making wise choices across outlets and channels with the best marketing data that they can acquire. In the realm of social media, B2B marketing should be held to the same ROI standards…

Social Media Marketing Tools: A Review of SproutSocial

In the world of social media marketing, there are numerous applications that facilitate social media management. While SproutSocial may not be free, I have found that this SaaS platform offers value greater than its cost. Equilibrium and Balance in Social Media Marketing Everyone working social media management has experienced the…

Marketing Positioning: Measuring and Monitoring Perceptions

One often hears that “perception is reality,” but how in B2B marketing does one measure and monitor perceptions about their company, brand, products and services? Thou Shalt Realize That Perception is Reality Earlier this year, Advertising Age (April 9, 2012) presented the “10 Commandments of Marketing” in an article penned…

B2B Marketing, Social Media and Lead Conversion

As an inbound marketing agency, one of our objectives is to lower cost per lead. There has been considerable discussion on the interwebs this year on the use of social media to generate leads. Our position for B2B marketing is that it should be introduced systematically as part of your…


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